January 2024


On January 13th, 2024 GIBIESSE S.R.L. celebrates its thirtieth anniversary

December 2023


On December 31th, 2023 merger by incorporation of El&Tec S.r.l into Gibiesse S.R.L. has been completed.

April 2022

Industry 4.0 – Purchase of new machineries in El&tec

A new mobile probe test system and a new BGA XRay inspection system were purchased.

March 2022


DIGITALPLATFORMS SPA obtained the qualification certificate for the execution of public works (Presidential Decree number 207/2010). Download certification

March 2022

Industry 4.0: Purchase of new machineries in El&tec

A new XRay piece counter, a Wave Solder Machines and a new SMT line with 2 Pick & Place machines, with printer, were purchased.

October 2021


In collaboration with the PRINT RELEAF service, GIBIESSE becomes increasingly “green” as active part in the re-forestation project. Thanks to this project, in fact, negative environmental impacts of each organization are reduced, helping to replant trees where the planet needs it most.

September 2021

DigitalPlatforms acquired Selta

On 28 September 2021, the Extraordinary Commissioners Giovanni Fiori, Stefano Crespi and Francesco Grieco announced the acquisition by Digital Platforms S.p.A. – a fully Italian-owned industrial group founded by Claudio Contini, Marco Mennella and Marco Ricci – of Selta S.p.A., an Italian company operating in the critical infrastructure and security sector, which was subject to special administration since June 2019.

January 2021

GIBIESSE acquired El&tec

El&tec deals with the production and testing of electronic boards and equipment.

December 2020

Purchase of ozonizer

Along with the measures adopted to contrast and contain the spread of COVID-19 virus in workplace, GIBIESSE purchased an ozonator for the periodic sanitization of all company areas, in exchange for external services.

June 2020

Industria 4.0 – Replacement of automatic serigraphy

A new automatic serigraphy was purchased in replacement of the previous one, more accurate and performing, to guarantee a higher quality level of our products.

April 2020

New measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus

At the same time as updating the biological risk assessment in the DVR, in line with Shared protocol regulating the measures to contrast and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in workplaces, we decid to establish new ways of entering and staying in the Company for all external visitors, collaborators and staff.

September 2019


On 23 settembre 2019 GIBIESSE joined the DIGITALPLATFORMS group.

DigitalPlatforms SpA (DP) is a rapidly growing Italian industrial group operating in the Internet of Things, Cyber and digital technologies sectors.  DP primarily addresses critical infrastructure managers in Italy and abroad, in the energy / utilities, telecommunications, transport and defense sectors. The DP Group is now made up of seven companies / BUs, all based in Italy, and each of them oversees one of the different elements of an IoT solution’s value chain. DigitalPlatforms aims to become more and more the technological partner of large companies for innovation and digital transformation through certified solutions and technologies and controlled production and logistics chains. 

March 2019

New website

New website released, fully compatibile with mobile and desktop devices.

January 2019

25th Anniversary – 1994 / 2019

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary the layout of the company logo was renewed, a restyling of the website was made and the Quality Policy was published online.

December 2018

ESD implementations

In order to continuous improvement, an antistatic floor has been installed in the SMT department and, in the THT and SMT departments, control stations for the ESD bracelets and shoes have been implemented. Moreover, in the THT department, new ESD trays have been implemented for the Assembly of components, with their trolleys for the transport in the soldering department.

February 2018

Adaption new norm ISO9001:2015

Transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 Certification

April 2017

Industry 4.0 – Automatic storage SMT software implementation

Automatic storage SMT software has been implemented according to Industry 4.0 guidelines, to interconnect and exchange data directly with the new “Pick & Place” machine.

April 2017

Industry 4.0 – Replacement of “Pick & Place” machine

A new “Pick & Place” machine has been purchased to assembling SMT components in replacement of the previous one, more accurate and performing, to guarantee a higer quality level of our products.

December 2015

SMT dept extension and smt automated storages

SMT Dept has been extended and 2 new automated storages have been installed for the control of components and SMT batches.

January 2014

20th Anniversary – 1994/2014

On the occasion of 20TH anniversary of activity we have updated the Company logo in the web site and in all our official documents.

March 2013

Temperature datalogger

MARCH 2013 – We have got a new SOLDERSTAR NEPTUNE 4 Temperature Datalogger – 4 channels and AUTOSEEKER optimization software to improve and make easier the achievement of new profiles of reflow soldering for SMT boards, especially for products with BGA components.

January 2011

Installation of new machinery

JANUARY 2011 – A new IEMME PLUS 14 reflow oven and a IEMME VENUS soldering machine have been installed.